Monday, September 6, 2010

Johan begin pencil on Sunday and then evaluate

Johan Santana N.y. Mets pitcher Simmons/news leaves victory in Atlanta Thursday after the projection of 65 seats and regret shoulder discomfort. Later, the Mets left pectoral stem term injuries. Related NewsMLB dishes: 5, 2 Diamondbacks JacksonLupica error: houses are solo Santana, a gap of VictorySolo Pitts, Santana, MetsJohan begins slowly in defeat of in Citi field Apartmets Mets still shoulders PEC scratch in jury Apartmets Santana tell early Santana

CHICAGO - Johan Santana - played catch at a distance of about 100 metres deep in the off-field before Wrigley field game on Saturday, said Ramirez coach coach Dan Warthen with introduction by Ray and said composite Sunday session would determine whether it planned for Tuesday would start.

"Everything is good," says Santana. "Start play tomorrow don't feel that we will see how you feel nada.Por."I am tomorrow intended, on the Hill and discover how... I think you, tomorrow - that is how I feel - determines what happens then. "

Victory left Santana Thursday in Atlanta discomfort by projection of 65 beds in five shoots and complaints about shoulder.Later, the Mets called his left chest strains of injuries.To your usual routine between begins, the pitcher has nothing done Friday and long-term exposure for 10 minutes played on Saturday morning.

"" The day after the tone I simply. """First of all, if there is a match of the day, step play catch, says Santana." ""Today I played some Fänge.Und then, if I'm going to throw my pens and today or tomorrow, see how it was feels.He we decided a pasture which much to start catches bien.Jugando, I felt demain.est me good… I must one day at a time to go." "Let's see how you feel tomorrow."

Warthen, said Santana seemed good and recalls that the Mets would learn more about your condition after the Sunday session pens.

Santana, 31, is the third season six-year, $ 137.5 million before 2008 season season.Underwent operation in August last year signed final elbow and takes approximately half of this year to be complete, recovered.He is 11-9 with an Academy, 144 football and a WHIP 1.18 2.98 (more results by shootings there on foot).

On Thursday, Santana fastball speed fell suddenly 80 in the mid-80 the fifth inning, then the headquarters of the Club was ended and not returned.

Jerry Manuel said Jose Reyes (skewed) spent a floor for the first two days in Chicago, although he spend time in the cage of bateo.Reyes since August 24, could Sunday where it remains a game against Florida.El Florida.El shortstop first tense muscles 30 June in practice the stick and said recently that he was never fully sana do.Los courts still haven't played has not stop Kings season according to the manual.

The Mets have connected two or more home runs in a juego.David beaten Wright and Luis Hernández Friday 7-6 loss to Cubs games.

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