Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chris Klein serves four days in jail for DUI

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LOS ANGELES - Humbled "American Pie" actor Chris Klein apologized Friday for his second DUI in five years and got off without any more jail time.

The admitted alcoholic pleaded no contest to driving drunk on June 16 and scored a plea deal with the minimum jail time allowed - 96 hours.

He had already served the time of his own accord, in an effort to persuade the judge he's committed to his sobriety, so he wasn't locked up.

Klein, 31, also spent two months in rehab.

"The fact that Chris took the steps he did has been very impressive," defense lawyer Blair Berk told the Daily News.

The judge, who could have sentenced him to a year in prison, put Klein on four years probation. He ordered him to attend an alcohol education program and said he can only drive with a Breathalyzer-style interlock device on his car.

"I apologize for my wrongdoing, and I really appreciate that the court gave me the opportunity to prove how seriously I took all of this," Klein said in the Van Nuys, Calif., courtroom, according to


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